Lisa Westwood is a self-taught artist working across several different mediums including acrylic, watercolours and most recently, graphite. Lisa has received commissions for several of her pieces and although subjects vary, Lisa has a love of Australian frogs and architecture which feature heavily in her works.

Based in the Northern Territory, Lisa Westwood has a wealth of inspiration to draw from in her magnificent surroundings.

The drawings and paintings are regularly inspired by photographs, the intention being to expand on the beauty of the photograph and bring out aspects not evident in the original.

Lisa Westwood is represented by Almhaga Art Gallery Sweden and would be excited to discuss any piece you wish to commission.

Please contact Lisa Westwood via email.



2015: onwards, private exhibitions

2020: Easter Art Exhibition,

Almhaga Art Gallery, Sweden 

Artexpo 2020, New York City,


Artexpo 2021, New York City, USA